24 Inch Open Burner Gas Ranges

All of our ranges are available for purchase through our distributors and national and regional chains.

24" Open Burner

White Oven Range SCK100OP
SCK100OP - White on White SCK100OP - Color: White on White (pictured)

Black Oven Range SCK3XRBP
SCK3XRBP SCK3XRBP (pictured)

  • 24" range
  • Electronic Ignition
  • 1 1/2" Vent Rail Cap (same color as range)
  • Bakeview Black Glass Oven Door With Window & Light
  • Chrome Heat Reflector Trays
  • Plus all Quality Features
  • Gas Range Feature Chart for all size ranges

  • Download image for: SCK3XRBP

  • Printable PDF File for all SCK3XRB model features

White Oven Range SCK240OP
SCK240OP - White on White SCK240OP - Color: White on White (pictured)

White Oven Range SCK600BP
SAK220OP SCK600BP - Color: Black (pictured)