20 Inch Sealed Burner Gas Ranges

All of our ranges are available for purchase through our distributors and national and regional chains.

20" Sealed Burner

Oven Range SHK100OP white on white
SAK600BP SHK100OP - Color: White on White (pictured)

Oven Range SHK220OP white on white
SAK600BP SHK220OP - Color: White on White (pictured)

  • 20" range
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Sealed Burners: 9,100 BTU
  • Sparkling Porcelain 8.5" Backguard
  • Electronic Clock
  • Bakeview Oven Door With Window & Interior Oven Light
  • 2 Oven Racks
  • Roll Out Drop Door Broiler
  • SHK220BP - color: black
  • Plus all Quality Features
  • Gas Range Feature Chart for all size ranges

  • Download image for: SHK220OP
  • Download image for: SHK220BP

  • Printable PDF File for all SHK220 model features

Oven Range BHK5X0OP white on white
SAK600BP BHK5X0OP - Color: White on White (pictured)