Lighting Burners During A Power Failure

Warning: Use extreme caution when lighting burners this way. To light them:

Lighting The Top Burner

1. Hold a lighted match to the desired burner head.

2.Push and turn the control knob to the "LITE" or "START" position.

3. After burner lights, adjust flame to the desired size as required.

Lighting The Oven Burner

1. Remove the broiler carriage. See diagram below.

2.Turn the oven thermostat past the 150 degree mark.

3. Hold a lighted match at the top forward section of the pilot (See diagram). After the pilot lights, quickly remove the match from the broiler compartment. After the pilot lights, the oven burner will then light within 30-60 seconds.

4. Replace the broiler carriage.

NOTICE: The surface and oven burners in use when an electrical power failure occurs will continue to operate normally until shut off.