Safety Valve Recovery And Recycling Requirements

The Oven Safety Valve in this unit contains mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal and must be collected and recycled in a environmentally safe manner. This requires the owner of this product to remove the Safety Valve in the unit at the end of its useful life, and return it to the manufacturer for proper disposal. The disassembly instructions are listed below as well as our shipping address.

Mercury Recycling of the Safety Valve

Mercury-added components must be recycled in the United States.


Prior to disassembly make sure gas supply is disconnected from unit.

1. Lift up at front and remove oven bottom.
2. Remove oven burner baffle.
3. Remove, do not cut, safety valve capillary bulb from the oven pilot.
4. Remove screw from front of oven burner and remove over burner.
5. Cut or remove 3/8" tubing from safety valve.
6. Remove two screws holding safety valve in unit.


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