Pro Series Ranges Quality Features

All of our ranges are available for purchase through our distributors and national and regional chains.

Peerless Premier Gas Ranges are crafted with pride and made in the U.S.A.

Commercial Styling
At Its' Best...
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Built to Last
Superior Performance
Feature Lifetime Guaranteed
Top Burners
Exceptional Elegance

Pro Series BTU Burner
  • High Power 15,000 BTU Burner (all sealed burner models)
Pro Series Griddle
  • Non Stick Griddle is standard with all 36" Models
Pro Series Spacious Oven
  • Uniform Cooking in Spacious Even Temp Oven (All Models)
Pro Series Broiler
  • Easy Access Separate Broiler Compartment

The Best in Commercial Styling and Superior Performance is attained by the use of High Grade Stainless Steel, Commerical Hardware, Durable Heavy Duty Parts, and Proven Functional Components.

With these desirable features, the Exclusive Lifetime Guaranteed on Top Burners is your assurance that the Pro Series is built to last, providing many years of carefree cooking while enhancing and complimenting today's lifestyle.