Range Conversion


WARNING: To avoid the risk of serious personal injury or property damage, the range must be converted correctly. Improper conversion or flame adjustment will produce carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas.

You may also want to watch our Range Conversion Tutorial Video's to aid you in your conversion.

To convert your range, follow the directions below:

1. Check that the main gas supply has been shut off and the power supply cord is disconnected.

2. Remove main top.

3. Convert pressure regulator. Your range is equipped with a convertible pressure regulator. To convert, follow the illustrations below for the type of regulator on your range.

Regulator A:

A. Use a coin to remove the cap from the pressure regulator

B. Turn the cap over, engage it in the slots and tighten cap. LP should be visible on the cap.


NOTE: The type of gas you are converting to must be visible on the cap.


Regulator B

A. Remove cap and snap out plastic plunger from bottom of cap.

B. Turn plunger over and snap back in original location.

C. Re-insert the cap assembly into the regulator and tighten.


NOTE: Plunger must snap into position; the gas you are converting to must be visible on lower side of plunger.


4. TOP BURNER: Turn top burner valve orifice hood for each burner down until snug against pin for LP (Propane) setting. Facing the range, using a 1/2" wrench, turn orifice hoods counter- clockwise.

NOTE: Do not over-tighten!

Thermostat Selector

5. OVEN THERMOSTAT: The oven pilot is converted from Natural to LP (Propane) using the pilot control screw located behind the thermostat knob. To convert, remove thermostat knob, turn the thermostat control screw from the natural setting to "LP" or "LPG" setting by rotating fully clockwise to the stop. Turn fully counter-clockwise toward "N" or "NAT" for natural gas. Replace thermostat knob.

Natural to L.P.


A. Remove oven bottom, broiler drawer, oven bottom and burner baffle plate that is mounted on top of the oven burner and secured by a wing nut. The burner orifice hood is located on the oven burner safety valve at the center bottom of the range.

B. To convert to LP (Propane) use a 1/2" wrench to turn the safety valve orifice hood clockwise until it is snug.

NOTE: Do not over-tighten!



A. After the above conversion has been completed, turn on the gas and plug the power supply cord into a grounded outlet. Check operation of cooktop and oven burner. See Adjust Air Shutters to set proper flame adjustment. See Lighting Range Pilots to re-adjust the pilots for LP (Propane) gas.

B. Carefully replace oven burner baffle, oven bottom, broiler drawer, oven door and main top.