Broiling is a fast method for cooking tender cuts of meats, poultry, ham and fish. The broiler compartment is located beneath the oven. Pull the entire broiler compartment forward to the stop position. The broiler compartment door folds down to allow for easy removal of the broiler pan for turning foods. Gas broiling is cool and clean since broiling is done with the broiler door closed and any smoke is consumed by the flame.

To operate the broiler, push-turn the oven control counter-clockwise to the BROIL position.


Cooking times for broiled food vary considerably There are differences in thickness of meat, in fat content, and in personal preferences. Generally the distance between the top of the meat and the broiler flame regulates the degree of doneness and the broiling time. Different broiler tray locations are provided to accomplish your cooking needs.

Important Notes:

  • Broiler pan and tray must be in place for any broiling operation. They are designed to drain excess liquid and grease away from the cooking surface to help prevent spatter, smoke or fire.
  • Do Not cover the broiler tray with aluminum foil.
  • Always remove the broiler pan from the broiler compartment as soon as broiler pan cools.
  • Replace broiler pan and tray after cleaning. Broiler pan and tray must be in place for any oven operation.
  • Do Not step on or apply weight to the broiler door when it is open. This could damage the door.
  • Do Not preheat the broiler before using.
  • Completely close the broiler door during broiling.


Using Your Broiler

Broiling is a fast method for cooking tender cuts of meats, poultry, ham and fish.

Your range is equipped with a variable broil feature which allows you to broil at temperatures from the broil setting to temperatures down to 350 degrees F. Broil with the door closed, for a cleaner, cooler kitchen. The smoke from broiling is consumed as it is drawn over a rod-type broiler element.

Set the oven thermostat at BROIL for a full broil or at any desired setting between BROIL and 350 degrees F for variable broiling (see chart). TO SET AT TEMPERATURES BELOW FULL BROIL, TURN TO BROIL AND THEN BACK TO THE DESIRED SETTING. For broiling do not turn the thermostat below 350 degrees. After broiling, the must be turned to OFF before baking.


Rack Position
Temperature Setting
Cooking Time
    First Side Second Side
Steaks 1" thick
Rare 2nd or 3rd from top Broil 425 F 6 - 8 min. 3 - 4 min.
Well Done Lowest or 2nd Lowest Broil 425 F 12 - 14 min. 10 - 12min.
Ground Beef Patties 1/2" thick
Rare 2nd or 3rd from top Broil 375 F 6 - 8 min 3 - 4 min.
Well Done Lowest Broil 375 F 10 - 12 min 6 - 8 min.
Chicken Lowest Broil 425 F 30 to 35 minutes total cooking time. Turn frequently.
Fish Lowest Broil 425 F 22 to 30 minutes total cooking time. Turn whole fish once. Do not turn fillets.
Cooking times given are approximate and should be used only as a guide. Variables in meats and personal preferences may make changes necessary.